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Born in Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, Va. (now W.Va.), April 1, 1781. Served in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812; member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1808-09, 1831-32; member of Ohio state senate, 1814-22, 1824-30; Governor of Ohio, 1832-36; defeated, 1830; Governor of Iowa Territory, 1838-41; candidate for U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1842; delegate to Iowa state constitutional convention from Johnson County, 1844. Methodist. Member, Freemasons. Died February 7, 1853. Interment at Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City, Iowa. Lucas counties in Iowa and Ohio are named for me.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Props To Martin Van Buren, 8th President In Da House

First Governor... first "territorial" governor - what's the damn difference?

If Martin Van Buren can have a blog, why can't I? After all, Van Buren is da man who installed me as the first "territorial governor" of Iowa (and screw you, William Henry Harrison, I hope you die an early death for revoking my patronage gig!)

Like some modern day politicians, I was a war hero, I was previously the governor of Ohio, I nearly started a war with Michigan, and I'm a Democrat, dammit!

Yes, I later became a Whig, but only because those old skool Democrats wanted to keep the black man enslaved and I'm not down with that jive, knowwhatimean?

Hopefully you can get some understanding of the issues of today from my perspective, and if you don't like that I'll get all Freemason on yo' ass, dig?