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Monday, September 13, 2004

Death To The Pukes

Who is this Al Franken character?

Franken told the Democratic crowd of 250 gathered in Ottumwa's Central Park that Cheney deliberately intends to frighten voters into supporting the Republican ticket and to watch for such comments Monday.

"He's going to announce that if Iowa goes for Kerry, al-Qaida will hit Ottumwa - with a nuke," Franken joked.

I also almost got into war with Missouri over a bunch of honey trees - which seems kind of absurd these days, but I suppose it gave young men something to get riled up about.

But is having some 4-eyed, East Coast, miniature dweeb suggesting that those towelheads are going to nuke Ottumwa - well is that supposed to be funny?

I could kick his ass back to St Louis Park, MN, Noo Yawk City, or wherever this pansy claims to live.